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Giti Gazelles' Saxon challenge story

Giti Gazelles’ Saxon challenge story

In the world of motorsports, every twist and turn on the track holds a story of determination, grit, and unforeseen challenges. 

Such is the story we would like to share today on our latest adventure with Giti Gazelles Team

As the team geared up for the Saxon Express, 4X4 navigation challenge, they encountered an obstacle that tested their resolve. 

In their pursuit for perfection, the team looked for assistance from eurospare, however, fate had a different plan in store.

48 hours before the official start of the navigation challenge, the elected Defender Priscilla wasnot ready to be on the road. Despite the efforts, the crucial needed eurospare steering box failed to arrive on time due to transport strikes and bad weather condition, leaving the team in a precarious position. With the clock ticking, they team was left with no choice but to improvise: they had to choose for an alternate vehicle to participate in the navigation challenge. Here it comes Delilah! 

Delilah at the Saxon navigation

Despite the setback, the Giti Gazelles Team navigated through the challenges with precision and skill and emerged triumphant, securing a notable fourth position in class. Proud to be the “only girl” team on the road, we congratulate the team for their prompt problem solution, for their trust in eurospare and for their incredible adventure spirit. 

We look forward to support to the team in the next race ”Dames de Coeur” and to provide them with the best quality Defender spare parts. 

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