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Engine and Transmission

Symbol of excellence and a promise to uphold OEM quality standards, eurospare strickes the perfect balance between reliability and affordability. 

eurospare transmission parts

eurospare engine and transmission products

  • Gaskets: Vital for sealing engine components and preventing leaks, our gaskets are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a perfect fit and enduring performance.

  • Pistons and Piston Rings: Essential for the smooth operation of your engine, eurospare pistons and piston rings are designed for durability and efficiency, ensuring optimal combustion and power delivery.

  • Timing Chain Parts: Accurate timing is crucial for engine performance. eurospare’s timing chain parts are engineered for precision and reliability, maintaining your engine’s synchronization and performance.

  • Fuel Pumps and Carburetors: Whether it’s the fuel pump that delivers fuel to the engine or the carburetor that mixes air and fuel, eurospare components guarantee efficient fuel delivery and combustion.

  • Engine Pulleys: Ensuring your engine’s accessories operate smoothly, eurospare engine pulleys are built for resilience and longevity.

  • Injectors and Injection Pumps: For precise fuel injection and efficient engine performance, eurospare injectors and injection pumps are designed to meet the exact specifications of JLR engines.

  • Cylinder Blocks: The heart of the engine, our cylinder blocks are crafted to withstand the stresses of high performance, ensuring robustness and reliability.

Reliable Transmission Parts for Smooth Drives

A well-functioning transmission system is key and eurospare provides a range of transmission parts that ensure your JLR vehicle’s transmission operates smoothly:

  • Clutch Parts: From clutch plates to pressure plates, eurospare clutch parts are built to provide smooth engagement and disengagement, ensuring a comfortable and responsive driving experience.

  • Drive Shafts and CV Joints: Critical for transferring power from the transmission to the wheels, eurospare drive shafts and CV joints are engineered for strength and durability, providing reliable performance even under the most demanding conditions.

  • Prop Shafts: Essential for connecting the transmission to the differential, eurospare prop shafts are designed to handle high torque and ensure smooth power delivery.

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